8 April 2011

:+__________Awesome Malaysia Food________:+

Malaysian food is the best in Asia, it has the most variety and the best quality, explore the Malay, Chinese or Indian cuisine.

Malaysia has many kinds of restaurants almost everywhere in the cities and towns. There are Malay Restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Indian Restaurants, Thai Restaurants and more. Eating out in Malaysia is a real gastronomic adventure. There is such a great variety; spicy Malay Food, a seemingly endless variety of Chinese food, exotic cuisine from North and South India, as well as Nyonya and Portuguese Food. Popular Malaysian dishes include lemang,asam laksa,bak kut teh,hai nan chicken rice,nasi lemak,roti canai and so on.

Malay Food
The traditional culinary style has been greatly influenced by the long-ago traders from neighboring countries. Malay food is often described as spicy and flavorful.

Chinese Food
It is derived from mainland Chinese cuisine but has been influenced by local ingredients and dishes from other cultures though it remains distinctly Chinese.

Indian Food
Spices are the heart and soul of Indian cooking.

Hope You Guys Enjoying Reading And Get To Know How Nice is Our Country's food.Thank you!!

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